Joining the Group

Postdoc positions:

If you are interested in joining the group as a postdoc, first of all please visit the postdoctoral fellowship opportunities webpage and indicate which funding schemes you have in mind before contacting Jim by email. If there are any funded projects available, they will be advertised here.

PhD positions

The Tucker group welcomes applications from UK/EU students to the MIBTP programme - deadline is 10th Jan 2016. For an overview of the programme, see: here.

Three projects involving the Tucker group are as follows:

DNA molecular machines: Light activated shuttling on a DNA scaffold

Biological Behaviour of Unnatural Nucleic Acids

Design and construction of new biobricks for synthetic biology, based on coiled coil DNA conjugates

Deadline is 10th January 2016. For more information on these particular projects, please contact Jim by email at:

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