BZA 2012

Meeting Dates: 15th - 20th July 2012

The 2012 meeting of the British Zeolite Association will be held at the University of Chester in northwest England. This triennial, Chislehurst-style BZA meeting, organised along the lines of a Gordon Conference, will be limited to 120 participants.The BZA welcomes contributions from all fields of zeolite, microporous and mesoporous materials science, including synthesis, structure, applications, characterisation, catalysis and computational studies. We also look forward to receiving contributions in the areas of hybrid materials, MOFs and the application of porous solids in chemical, fine-chemical and green & sustainable processes as well as energy applications.

NEW  - Joining instructions

On Sunday the registration desk will be open in Beswick Hall (building 17 on the campus map) from 13:30 to 18:00.  There will then be a buffet dinner and reception in Whites (building 30).  All accommodation will be in Astbury House (building 14). Posters, exhibitors and tea/coffee will be in Small Hall (building 62)

For those arriving in Chester by train, the campus is about a 20-minute walk from the station or a short taxi ride (£3.50 estimate).  For those arriving by car, I have been told that there is plenty of parking on campus. For a map, click here

     Invited Speakers:

  • Lynne McCusker, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland - IZA Ambassador
  • "The intriguing structure of SSZ-57 and the consequences of its modulation and disorder"
  • Russell Morris, University of St Andrews, UK
    "From unzipping to medical gas delivery - new chemistry for zeolites"
  • Matt Neurock, University of Virginia, USA
    "Theoretical insights into solid acid catalyzed reactions: understanding and controlling C-C bond formation paths"
  • Geoff Ozin, University of Toronto, Canada - Barrer Award Winner
    "Pores for Thought"
  • Matt Rosseinsky, University of Liverpool, UK
    "Flexibility and functionality in metal organic frameworks"
  • Ryong Ryoo, KAIST, South Korea
    "Directing hierarchically nanoporous architectures by surfactant-type zeolite SDA
  • George Christidis, Technical University of Crete, Greece - George Brown Lecturerr
    "Smectites and zeolites: genesis in similar geological environments yields unique and intriguing propertiess
  • Mervyn Shannon, University of Liverpool, UK
    "Structural Characterization of NU-85: a Block Intergrowth of EUO and NES"



     Scientific Advisory Group

  • David Law, BZA Chairman
  • Joe Hriljac, BZA 2012 organisor
  • Richard Catlow, UCL
  • Enrique Iglesia, Berkeley
  • Stacey Zones, Chevron
  • Mike Anderson, University of Manchester
  • Glenn Sunley, BP

      BZA Committee

  • David Law, BP
  • Paul Wright, University of St Andrews
  • Craig Williams, University of Wolverhampton
  • Martin Attfield, University of Manchester
  • Aidan Doyle, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Joe Hriljac, University of Birmingham
  • Tina Düren, University of Edinburgh
  • Robert Hodgkins, Johnson Matthey
  • Gary Hix, Nottingham Trent University
  • Robert Raja, University of Southampton
  • Richard Walton, University of Warwick
  • Justin Hargreaves, University of Glasgow

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