Peptide Mass Calculator


Useful for calculating the mass of peptides with several terminal group options.



Used to determine the extinction coefficient for oligo sequences.

ID Calc


Isotope Distribution Calculator for calculating the expected isotopic distribution in mass spectrometry for biological molecules. Can be calculated using amino acid sequence and elemental composition.

Intergrated DNA Technologies


Great general website for DNA work.

CC+ Database


Database developed by Dek Woolfson and his group. Includes a periodic table of coiled-coil architectures and dynamic search of coiled coil assignments.

Peptide Property Calculator


Used to calculate a variety of properties from an amino acid sequence including molecular weight, chemical formula, charge and solubility.

Delta Mass


List of common deviations in peptide mass spectrometry and their causes.

Protein Calculator


Another protein mass calculator with UV absorbance calculator included.

Crystallisation Studies Website


Great website for anyone working on biomolecular crystalisation studies.



Creates helical wheel diagrams for coiled coils.

Oligo Calc


Oligonucleotide properties calculator. Used to determine UV absorbance at 260 nm along with other physical constants.

Pymol Wiki


Website with all you need to know about how to use Pymol.



Reference finder. Search by structures, CAS numbers along with many other things.

Protein Data Bank


Used to find structures of proteins along with references.

Google Reader


Helpful tool for keeping up to date with journals.



Supplier of many amino acids and derivatives. Great for researching alternative protecting groups.



Supplier of all peptide synthesis needs including resins, amino acids and solvents. Also great for many other biochemistry supplies.



Great peptide property calculator. Determines number of residues, molecular weight, extinction coefficient, iso-electric point, net charge and hydropathy.

ESI Adduct Ions


Website run by Novatia identifying common ions found in electrospray mass spectra.

General Chemistry Links

Peptide Links

Oligo Links


Mass Spec Links

P Comp


Database of rationally designed peptide components, including coiled coils.

The Peacock Group Website

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For all your chromatography questions. Website includes tutorials, useful tips and question and answers section. Sign up for free using your email address.

VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics)


Downloadable software for displaying, animating and analyzing peptides. Especially good to build videos from molecular dynamic simulations.

Ana Spec - Peptide Synthesis


Website containing lots of information on peptide synthesis, dissolving peptides and labelling of peptides.

Bioconjugate Techniques


A guide to the modification and cross linking of biomolecules for use in research, diagnostics and therapeutics.