Anna Peacock



Telephone: +44 (0) 121 414 4362

Matt Berwick



Hometown: Solihull, West Midlands


MSci (Hons) in Chemistry, University of Birmingham, 2011


Research Interests: Inorganic biochemistry, MRI contrast agents and NMR techniques. Joint supervised by Melanie Britton.


Group Responsibilities: Peptide Synthesiser (Libby) maintenance

PhD Students

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Gemma Bullen



Hometown: Braintree, Essex


MSci (Hons) in Chemistry, University of Birmingham, 2011


Research interests: SNP sensing, DNA directed assembly, photo controlled dimerisation of peptides, peptide DNA binding. Joint supervised by Jim Tucker.


Group Responsibilities: Group Website, Social events, Chemical Index.

Louise Slope



Hometown: Northampton, East Midlands


MSci (Hons) in Chemistry, University of Birmingham, 2013


Research interests: The de novo design of metallopeptides, lanthanide coiled coils, peptide crystallography.


Group Responsibilities: Group Meetings, Peptide Synthesiser maintenance

Sarah Newton



Hometown: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


MChem (Hons) Chemistry with a year in North America, University of Manchester, 2012

MSc Physical Science of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences, University of Birmingham, 2013 


Research Interests: biomedical imaging, MRI contrast agents, cell entry mechanisms of coiled coils, super resolution imaging of coiled coils. Joint supervised by Melanie Britton, Iain Styles and Joshua Rappoport .


Group Responsibilities: Health and Safety, lab tidy police, Group Website

Masters Students

Lucy Jennings

Issac Cooke

Steven Ritson