Welcome to the Research Group of Professor Mike Hannon

Metal-Based Anti-Cancer Drugs, DNA recognition and Cellular Targeting

Our group is interested in DNA recognition and metal-based anticancer drugs. In particular we use supramolecular chemistry to recognise DNA in new and unprecedented ways and explore the biological consequences of this in cells and tissues. We also study the targeting and delivery of drug and imaging agents to cellular and sub-cellular structures.

Professor Michael John Hannon


Group News

December 2013: We are sorry Ana Caballero has left us this month to take up a postdoc position in Barcelona. We wish her all the best!

October 2013: Peter Cail has returned to the group as a PhD student. He completed his 4th year undergraduate project with us last year.

September 2013: Congratulations to Laura Rowley for submitting her thesis!

September 2013: We welcome Ann Smith to the group as Mike's new P.A. and the PSIBS administrator.

September 2013: We are sorry to lose Hannah Pritchard and Zahra Khan who have left this month. We wish them all the best for the future!

July 2013: Congratulations to Ana Caballero for winning the poster prize at the Lindau Meeting 2013 satellite event "Bayer Lindau Science Dialogue"! (Photo)

June 2013: Louise Oram has moved on to a new job in the central administration of the University. We're sorry to see her go, but wish her the best of luck.

March 2013: Natalia Calle Alonso successfully defended her thesis, becoming Dr. Natalia Calle Alonso

February 2013: Niklas Struch, a Masters student from the University of Bonn, came to Birmingham and worked with us for 10 weeks on our supramolecular helicates.

January 2013: Jenna Wilcox (now Norman) successfully defended her thesis, becoming Dr. Jenna Norman.

April 2012: New members We warmly welcome Lucia Cardo back as a post doc, and Dr. Natalia Poulter.

November 2012: New Group members: We welcomed
Lois Harries and Ashleigh Freer to the group

January 2012:
New Group member: Welcome to Louis Oram to the Hannon group as new PA.

December 2011: After a long series of farewell dinners, Giulia sadly leaves the Hannon group, going back to sunny Italy -- see you soon again!!

November 2011: New Group member: Welcome to Lindsey van Gemeren to the Hannon group, new PhD student.

October 2011: New Group member: Welcome to Jenifer White to the Hannon group, new PhD student.

August 2011: New Group member: Welcome to Dr Ana B. Caballero to the Hannon group.

June 2011: Welcome to Gliulia Sama who has just arrived from Italy to enhance her skills in DNA recognition by ruthenium complexes

3 May 2011: Congratulations to Susana: Susana successfully defends her thesis getting her PhD degree.

April 2011: New paper from the group entitled "Arginine conjugates of metallo-supramolecular cylinders prescribe helicity and enhance DNA junction binding and cellular activity" has been accepted in Chem. Comm.

March 2011: New paper from the group entitled "Novel C,N-chelate platinum(II) antitumor complexes bearing a lipophilic ethisterone pendant" has been accepted in Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry.

14 March 2011: Mike's research profile has been recently highlighted in Angewandte Chemie. That is on the occasion of his 10th article published in Angewandte Chemie since 2000.

28 February 2011: Congratulations to Anna: Anna successfully defends her thesis. Now she became Dr. Anna Leczkowska

30 November 2010: Congratulations to Siriporn: Siriporn successfully defends her thesis. Now she became Dr. Siriporn Phongtongpasuk

November 2010: New Group member: Welcome to Kimberley Wright to the Hannon group, new PhD student.

29 October 2010: Carlos, Amal and Cosimo's work highlighted in this months Chemistry World. More information

October 2010: New Group members: Welcome to Hannah Pritchard and Zahra Khan to the Hannon group.

21 June 2010: Natalia wins the first prize on the New Media and Public Engagement, Doctoral Research Film of the Year Award 2010, University of Birmingham. Congratulations !!! Watch it here

May 2010: New Group members: Welcome to Helen Williams and Dr Ariel Mucha to the Hannon group.

January 2010: Susana's speaking at the Gordon Conference: Congratulations to Susana who has been asked to give a talk at the Gordon Research Symposium on Bioinorganic Chemistry in sunny California next month.   Susana is going to tell them all about her work on dinuclear rhodium compounds and their DNA binding and biological activity.

22 January 2010: Congratulations to Sukraj: Sukraj successfully defends her thesis. Now we have one more Dr. from our group: Dr. Sukraj Banwait

11 January 2010: Congratulations to Lucia: Lucia successfully defends her thesis. Now she became Dr. Lucia Cardo
January 2010: New Group members: Welcome to Geetajanli who has just arrived from India and Alessio who arrived last month from Italy who have joined the group on our Marie Curie Training Site to enhance their skills in DNA recognition.  Meanwhile PSIBS first year students Zahra and Jonathon have also joined the team for their first 8-week mini-project rotation working on fluorescent imaging agents in biology.

December 2009:  Cylinders assembling DNA nanostructures accepted in Angewandte Chemie! New paper from the group entitled  "Towards functionalizable DNA frames: Self assembly of two-component 3D DNA arrays through induction of DNA three-way junction branch points by supramolecular cylinders" has been accepted in Angewandte Chemie.

December 2009:  Communicating more good news for Lexi Congratulations to Lexi on her paper "Issues surrounding standard cytotoxicity testing for assessing activity of non-covalent DNA-binding metallo-drugs" accepted as a communication in Dalton Trans.

29 September 2009: Lexi wins a poster prize at the 10th ISABC conference in Debrecen, Hungary. Well done Lexi!!

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